Wednesday, January 9, 2013

bah humbug

Well, when the young butcher asked yesterday''did you have a good Christmas?" The only answer was well not really, worked every day and it was busy and not straight forward (many problems), had a middle ear infection, plus really bad toothache- about to go to specialist this afternoon- at last they think they know what is wrong, the pain is almost unbearable.
Poor man, might stop having small talk with his customers. So much hype about Xmas, and it really is one day, over in a flash.

Christmas is any day you get to spend with a friend or loved one, family or not.
That's the bottom line.
I have had some lovely days with lovely friends this past few weeks, some on Xmas day, some not. It doesn't matter what day it is , its the catching up that matters.

That's that for another year.

my words of wisdom for today.can't seem to post a picture again, will work on it asap. When my brain is in working order.


  1. Feel your pain, Jane - think there is far to much stress, angst, etc etc over what is expected at Christmas - keep it simple........

  2. Hope you soon find relief from your pain. Totally agree with you and Chris about Christmas.