Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October challenge

Here is my October Sew Cal Gal challenge, an experment with pencils and irridescent textile medium, of course quilted first.
The pencils make a big difference, this is not a show piece, but a sample of my attempt to colour and shade  a little.
Ok so I did not read the instructions properly, I started it at home then did some at the craft fair, playing on a brand new Bernina 710, it was fun. 
 Of course the background fabric does make  the pencil colour a bit different, and my shading is woeful, but you have to start somewhere! A better brush for blending is the answer, and of course not black but blue or brown might be a  better chice!
 What is interesting is the flat effect from the plain textile medium in the orange swirls.  An interesting thing to note is that I can't get away from feathers!
It is not quite finished yet, but I have a long list of things to do before I go to be as I am on night shift tonight.
The list is dwindling, but is still long enoughto be troublesome


  1. This is stunning!!! I so wish I would get to this point....lol. Great work!

  2. Oh, some color is just what my piece needs! This is glorious!

  3. Jane, this is amazing. You really created a beautiful piece in this exercise. Love it.