Friday, October 12, 2012


I am so clever, for many weeks now I have been doing an online cryptic crossword puzzle, sometimes I use the clues and get it finished, sometimes I need lots of clues. Using less than 5 clues gets you a ranking for the day.
Today, well it was yesterday, I got home from a very busy night at work, extremely busy, no room at the inn type, and thought I should give it a go as it was just past midnight and a new puzzle would be ready, I did the whole thing, no clues, all done, my ranking today is 11 out of 32, so I am very happy! not that I will make a habit of it this late often, but I am so pleased with myself!

I also got my exhibtion quilts in on time, waiting patiently to see the rest of the works submitted and who got prizes and if I did too!

No pictures as it is way past my bedtime

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