Monday, October 15, 2012

Nine patch revisited

This week is the annual craft and quilt fair, I am going tomorow to help set up, then Wednesday to do a demonstration on the Queensland Quilters Art Quilt table.
I have been looking for small and easy things to do, if the other  person demonstrating wants to use the sewing machine I will be a bit lost, but maybe not!
I am going to deconsruct and reconstruct a few nine patch blocks that I started for this years theme quilt- then abandoned...
this is one of my favourite blocks

green and pink- ready to be deconstructed

hmmmm, not sure about his one, but it may be the star of the show soon!
Using some fun bright fabrics and a random freeform cutting method I hope to create another quilt with these orphan blocks.
Will wait and see if I have won any prizes, then I can show my quilts!

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