Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A treat, and almost finished

 I bought myself a new pair of quilting gloves this week, a little firmer, different grips, different brand, they are so much better than the old loose ones that are looking a bit manky. Worth the whole $7.50- a bargain!
 This is a blown up part of the quilt that I have just finished quiltng, it needs to be bound and gagged- or bound and blocked, then it is done. Oh and it need a hanging sleeve and label! so much to do so little time... but the main thing is that I am really happy with it.
Some sewing detritus, reels of thread out sewing machine dusters, new needles etc, all the things that make the job a little easier.
Next week is a new week and I will be planning and preparing for my teacher accreditaton class- again so much to do so little time.
Then to find some time to plan a holiday....

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  1. That poor quilt! Binding, gagging, then hanging it...what did it ever do to you lol....