Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Almost got my mojo back

Have been a  bit on the busy side with work and kids etc and not with what I really want to be doing - sewing. Well, I did do a bit of sewing while my husband was away but that turned into a very tiring week- ( my hats off to single parents who manage to get on top of the laundry) culminating with the school fair- I never want to see another sausage again- and I only served them not cooked them!

I am doing a few projects, none of which can be shown in their entirety, but they will be revealed soon. I have been busy painting fabric, here are some scraps- not giving too much away.
I have now got some enthusiasm to do some quilting that is fun and exciting, some funky green stuff with fun flowers, not ready to be shown yet as it is for an exhibition.
Will get on and do the Sew Cal Gal May piece tonight as it is almost the end of the month. Almost time for 2 weeks holiday form work- then its head down, bum up and into the sewing room for some serious work - stuff the laundry!

painting scraps

painting gear- and hand cream just for fun!

gorgeous little red bag


I did bag a bargain at the school fair- this bag and then this book- never seen before and never to be seen again at such a bargain price, let me know if you want a read!

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  1. Is this a read in bed book Jane - could be interesting reading. Love the little beaded bag.