Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quilting class

I have spent 3 days with the lovely Kim Bradley doing a machine quilting master class. My back is unhappy, but the rest of me is very happy. It was nice to be put out of my comfort zone. I have wanted to do a mandala style quilt for ages, and had a lot of fun with funky colours and an original design on some lovely fabric- twice. that is I started 2 projects.
These pics are part of a book cover I am doing for the school fair that is in May, they are a really good way to do some warm up stitching. The book is A5 which is small but big enough for  a bit of fun.
When I have caught up with the housework and done some baking with some rather ready bananas- and had a massage I will do some more!


  1. beautiful work....I can only wish to get

  2. The covers look great Jane. Glad you enjoyed your class with Kim Bradley.