Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A little win

This is my Sewcalgal sample for this month, it is orange thread on black- black is the new calico.  This has a little Diane thrown in from last month.
Off to the quilt show tomorrow to view some quilts- my challenge entry has won 3rd prize, pretty happy as there is some firece competition. Will post a pic when I take one tomorrow, as I can't find the other camera with it on....
I also will buy some thread, so many ideas in my head- not enough space for them to get consolidated, but the only way to get some good thread here is to mail order or get it at the show - then the ideas may flow in order, or at least some semblance of order.
The Under the Southern Skies quilts will also be here in Brisbane, and I am really looking forward to seeing them.


  1. Wow!! your sample is beautiful...great stitching!!

  2. Congratulations on the prize Jane! Might see you there for coffee?

  3. Congratulations Jane - I'm going in this morning to have a look

  4. You have been tagged!!! I couldn't send you an email;so here it is.... check it out...

  5. Beautiful! Your stitching and designs look great, and that thread looks awesome against the black.