Friday, March 30, 2012

Do you sew every day?

This is what my cleaning lady asked a few weeks ago, on one of the few occasions that I am home (sewing) when she comes - due to the irregularity of shift work. The answer is - I try- but there are days when it does not happen. I can do the ironing and hope for a reward of a few sewing minutes, or lustfully caress fabric with my eyes as I rush out the door on my way to work or pick up my daughter.. but sometimes due to the business of life, I just can't even get near the work waiting to be done.

There are deadlines that make me work like crazy on a certain piece- which in fact are the best incentive of all, especially if its for an exhibition.
But most of all I want to sew for the pure enjoyment of it, to listen to the hum of my sewing machine, to see the lovely thread unravel onto the fabric and create a masterpiece- at least in my eyes!
I am making a list of all projects to be finished this year- or at least in the forseeable future, some for an October exhibition, but I have to admit I am a last minute queen, so October will come round very quickly and I will be struggling to get projects finished.
The green pieces are for a new quilt for October- why start more when you already have several in the making ?- its for a themed piece, so it is OK to start a new quilt, isn't it?
The green fabric is by the lovely Lisa Walton, and it is my favourite colour.

 Ths cupcake fabric came yesterday after a trip south with a friend, we happened to stop at a fabric shop on the way home, it was as if her car just had to go there!  I have a project in mind for the school fair for some small items for the craft stall.
Now to get stitching!

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  1. Cute and pretty fabrics...I used to sew a lot; now I draw.