Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reverse sewing

back of quilt -happy with this quilting
I have spent the last week sick with a cold and nasty cough, just the right thing for unquilting, It is a large quilt, black and white with some colour. The quilting design I was never happy with, and when the deadline passed for last years quilt show and it was unfinished I put it folded neatly in a cupboard.
Now I have renewed sense of design, I am in the mood to finish it. I have spent some time unpicking, now to get the 'right' design and get it finished. Always working to a deadline is good - it makes me try to get things done.

front  -one corner
Not entirely sure of the quilting design yet, I did have a dream about it last week, but of course it is a bit hazy now, should have drawn it straight away.
I do have the thread though, bought it in Sydney at the quilt show, a long way to go to buy thread I know, but I knew what I wanted and where to get it from. When there is a limited stock of good thread in Brisbane, and mail order is the next best way to get what you want, to go to a quilt show to get it is a good idea.
Watch this space to see if I can get two large quilts finished soon!


  1. Wow look what you can do when you aren't even feeling well. Amazing and beautiful.
    How's your Barcelona project coming along?

  2. Thanks Lyn, I did quite a bit of quilting on the weekend so am even happier with it. Barcelona is waiting till I have finshed the 21st birthday quilt- about to start quilting it today! its 2x 2.2 m big, it sort of grew with the border!