Sunday, July 24, 2011

Colour solution

I have almost finished the quilt top, the solution was to use the large bright prints for the sashing -not the blue I had purchased. This is similar to another quilt I made  a few years ago pictured below ( a much better picture) and the solution was the same. Sometimes the solution is right under your nose, you just have to find it. The yellow was just perfect for the cornerstones for both quilts funnily and I had enough of the prints to use for the sashes.
Two very different quilts with the same theme- stars- and the same style of using those beautiful prints.
Now for the border. Then the quilting, working to a deadline is just what I need to get it finished..

Yesterday I have a lovely morning tea and chat with a like minded group of friends the "Broad Strokes" girls. we always seem to have an array of exciting things to show and tell, no pictures unfortunately, but plenty of ideas were shared, so look out for some exciting things in the next few months.

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