Saturday, July 16, 2011

More colour decisions

I have made all the blocks! they have some temporary sashing and are a bit messy as I have had to get them off the floor. The pink and black fabric is actually quite good, the yellow good, not so sure on the blue which I bought the most of - of course!
Time to get sewing and get the sashings and borders done.
This is meant to be a fun quilt, one that you want to snuggle around you on a cool day or in front of the TV. Its not a great work of art, but a quilt with some personality and zest and surprise.
The next work is another flood quilt, there have been some surprises with these, some are dull, some quite fun and inventive, others are scrap. All a bit different.

It takes all sorts. I have quilted each block separately with a meandering design which hopefully draws a circle- sort of. After finishing it, I would have liked to have done the quilting starting in the centre so it went from the centre out instead of around. A lesson learnt.

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