Friday, January 27, 2017

Improvisational piecing samples

I have enjoyed some improvisational piecing in the past and have stated teaching this fun way of piecing, using up small scraps of fabric, and even cutting and repurposing old quilt blocks that really are not useful or I have not had the passion for once they are made. 
Here are my samples and pieces underway, some started in a class with Gwen Marston a few years ago, some just from playing at home by myself.
My Nine Patch? is a quilt that I used this technique for, and also G is for Green

 G is for Green
Nine Patch?

My learnings are
* simpler is often better- the keep it simple stupid approach! (KISS)
* a zinger fabric often can be a small piece of fabric - but can lift the whole composition
* a narrow strip is often better and more appealing than a larger strip
* continuity with a colour or shape can give a piece cohesiveness with its neighbouring block

 One of my favourites

 I love this one,  the small black pieces really give it a life, although it maybe needs more?
 hmmm, this is not quite right, it maybe needs to be cut up again and re designed? 
Playing to just see what happens is half the fun!
 This one doesn't work either,but its good to try and see , and then figure out why it doesn't work - then fix- or recut!
I really enjoy these fine strips!

There are so many options, just start sewing and cutting, you never now what might happen!

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  1. I had been thinking of cutting up my old 2Q Challenge quilts to redesign/play with. Perhaps I should just go for it - thanks Jane.