Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Farmers Wife week 3, Weekly Art Project

I have out done myself this week, 5 blocks, well 6 really, but one was way too small- measure twice cut once! A spare.  oops!
There are pictures and a line drawing for every block in the book, they are all 6 inches, there is also a CD with patterns to print, my only comment is that there is no list of rotary cutting sizes for the basic shapes, I am working it out which is why I was a little askew with that one block- obviously not concentrating enough. For the basic shapes I am (mostly) OK, but need to print off the odd shapes- one to a page is how they come...

The plan was to work my way through the book from block one to 111! I missed a page, so had to work backwards, that is why there are 5, one more to make this week to be in sequence.

The pile of red and white fabrics is enough to make at least 2 quilts, that's my aim this year to be red and white focussed.
I do have another red and white quilt top almost ready to quilt...

 Below is the Mola piece I started after buying the pattern and doing a short class with Marion Wetter in Alsace at the European Quilt show, I had a lovely time at the show, even though my french is rudimentary- coffee/ wine/ croissant/ cheese- you can read the signs for toilet and train station etc.
I recommend this as a place to visit, I really enjoyed the whole experience, even running to catch the train, and literally climbing up the steps on my hands and knees to get on it before it left- nothing like living dangerously! We loved  the whole area, the food and scenery. The small towns were just so much fun to explore. Strasbourg was a real find, small, easy to get around, we had some fun experiences  even the worlds worst beer!
The Mola class was very international, with a translator as well, I am enjoying the handwork, and as I am a midwife, this is an appropriate picture for me. Now to make some more in different colours, a good travelling project.

Finishing current or previously started projects and a few challenge quilts are my aim for this year, I feel like starting some new projects, but really need to be firm with myself and try to finish other projects first...( I am really having trouble with the AQC theme of Made in Australia Flora and Fauna.....)

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