Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Raw stitching

 This is my style of Boro- Japanese mending stitching, some found small pieces of fabric purchased years ago in Aeldaide, a little sashiko thread, and some restful mindless stitching. Great fun, so relaxing. it is about 40 cm square. I sent it to my mother for a belated Christmas gift, she loves it, it is 'raw', and very tactile, and is at the moment being prepared to hang with its raw edges in her hallway - unbound, just raw, calling out to be fondled.

 I loved the way the stitching pulled a little and made some gentle ripples.

This year brings me to some new and exciting challenges- some teaching, mostly machine quilting, with a little machine piecing thrown in at the end of the year. These classes are with Queensland Quilters  and BVAC.
 These are samples of free from machine piecing that I have made, I am teaching this class at BVAC in Brisbane this year, Brisbane Visual Arts Community.

Hopefully this link will work!!

Planning to blog more frequently this year and get some more images up on my website soon!
Well its good in theory, will see how it goes in practice!