Monday, March 16, 2015

Progress at last

I have been busy, both  at work and at home.

A long weekend away with the girls sewing, eating and generally relaxing has given me some inspiration and also sewing time.
There are deadlines looming, so the best way to deal with those is to start a new project!

A blue and white for my entry into the Queensland Quilters October show, more work on my hexagon quilt, and some fun stitching on some fun fabric by Ali George of Aliquilts.

Oh and a picture or 2 in the latest Down Under Quilts! you will have to buy it to see them!
Detail of cushion

more cushion

funky pieced cushion

detail of funky cushion

start of blue and white

hand stitched Ali quilts fabrics, a nice relaxing thing to do!

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  1. Interesting fabric. Interesting stitching too. Best loved quote of yours!