Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Back at the machine

Its be a wile, I have been busy at work, playing hard at partying over Christmas etc

My sewing has been limited to a little xmas bunting, a baby book and a table runner, all gifts for lovely people.
Now its down to serious sewing! some quilts that need to be finished for the Queensland Quilters show in October - but  I am only procrastinating here! 

I do have some quilts to be started for other deadlines, life is never dull.

I am loving having the 2 Berninas set up, one for piecing and one for quilting, it is making life easier, and less changing settings etc.

Double wedding ring close up, finished at last, I am actually quite happy with the finished result

more double wedding ring, complete with shadow!

Christmas house bunting, this was so much fun, I will have to try some more one day.

After all that christmas cheer, its down to some serious sewing, paid employment and a little gym!


  1. Wedding ring quilt looks great Jane.

  2. Really thoughtful choice of colors of this double wedding ring. Stunning!