Thursday, January 2, 2014

A new year, a new quilt!

Some quilts finished and some about to be started! this is how I plan to work through the year- finishing, oh and some starting.
The blue and white is finished.
The blue and gold is ready to quilt, I am just doing some ditching first before I tackle to hard stuff.

Might start a Dear Jane as I have run out of hand work and am having a holiday soon where I might need some hand work, and I have enough knitted garments and the climate here is not conducive to jumpers.
But what sort of fabric do I want for my Dear Jane? scrap sounds good at this stage, but it needs to be cohesive, hmmm, might have to think a bit harder about this one.

Have been spending some of the hot horrid weather inside perusing blogs, and am very inspired to get on and finish some of my quilt tops that have been lingering waiting for some diving inspiration. So many ideas so little time, especially if I am wasting it by reading blogs- but wait! that is not wasted time - it is research.

Xmas gift from lovely husband

OOh another xmas gift! lucky me!

About to be quilted, maybe some musical motifs?

Sneak peek! finished at last! the colour is not quite right, it is very blue!

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