Thursday, April 4, 2013

Worth the effort

I have been making a Where is the Green Sheep quilt for a friends son. It is based on the book by Mem Fox and is  a delightful read, as are all of her childrens books.
It stared with some rough sketches and turned into a fun and lively quilt. My husband and children all enjoyed looking at it and making suggestions- I am only sorry that we couldn't put all the sheep in the book on the quilt.

It is just as easy to make a good quality quilt as a poor quality quilt. Seams must meet, corners square and threads finished off securely.
This quilt was an absolute delight to make, and the recipient will surely enjoy it. I know his father was a little touched at 5am his morning when I presented it to him! (we were at work).
clown sheep

Moon sheep- this is the label on the back

The whole quilt, minus the kite for the wind sheep, it did go on straight after the picture was taken! if you get the opportunity, have  a read of this fun book.

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  1. Looks great Jane. What fun to make. Joshua's a very lucky boy. You should send a photo of it to Mem Fox.