Monday, April 29, 2013

Works in progress

I have been madly quilting! some pieces on a deadline for the October QQ show. Well at least thats what keeps me sewing at a frenetic pace at the moment!
Several pieces at different stages of completion.
 some fun with different machine quilting styles, and below

enchanted sea- a response to a paint chip challenge, that evoked some amazingly different and thoughtful responses! In fact mine was the boringest!

Some serious sewing needing to be done, but a deadline is good as it makes me work harder.
Number one son went overseas today for 3 months, so the house will be different, the food bill smaller and the laundry less!

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  1. Love your quilting - it takes a while to get used to cooking a little less - you'll probably just get it right & he'll be home OR you'll always have leftovers for lunch!