Saturday, January 7, 2012

New year

A busy week after Christmas, a flying trip to Melbourne then  Hobart. This is a close up of one of the outside pieces at MONA, a great place to visit, maybe next time on a quieter day as there was a long line that took about 45 mins to get us in the door. So many things to see. It is a day trip really, need to go and indulge in lunch halfway through next time.
This is a wheel of a 'cement mixer', there are several pieces by the same artist inside the gallery as well.

Time to get on and try to get my piece finished for SoTA. Work is getting in the way a little, but I am hopeful now I have had a few good nights sleep that I can get motivated enough to get it done. I have had some good thoughts on finishing lately in my travels- so off to the sewing machine I go!
Of course- time to rest my liver as well should give me more time and clear headed space to work......

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