Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inner strength

I have been busy at work, today is the last of 8 days in a row, I have done 7 hours overtime as well, it has been extremely busy time. I have found that I have located a little inner strength on a few of these days. Food becomes not required, I can run for hours on end just on adrenaline.
Not quite sure what happened 9 months ago..
I do sleep well after these days, so my quilting is a little behind.
The son of my friend Jan has leukaemia and her friends are making a quilt of 'healing heart blocks', I have offered to machine quilt this quilt, it is finished and I hope to get it next week to start and of course get it finished for him.
The the school raffle quilt needs to be quilted so it is finished before the valuation day- soon.
So off to find some more inner strength - at home this time, thank heavens for the  cleaning lady, and of course school goes back soon.
Pictures happening soon when I find something worth it!

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