Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Funky Feathers and show quilts

I have spent 3 days at the recent craft and quilt fair demonstrating machine quilting- free motion machine quilting that is!
I won a prize at the show- Best Modern Quilt,
 it is based on a sewer drain picture that my husband took,
 he has a collection of sewer pictures form around Australia, 
Spain  and France from when we were there last year. 
I am basing my new series of work on these pictures.

Best Modern Quilt
drain picture

This quilt is called "30 Years Later", I started it in about 1984, it is hand pieced, not appliqued. It did start out with pink instead of yellow small wedges, the colour change came about earlier this year and I am really happy with it. It could almost be a "modern quilt". As part of the Queensland Quilters Modern group, I am still a bit dismayed by some of the newer modern quilters who think they are doing something radical and new! it is only a term used to describe a style, many older quilts can be described as "modern" even though they are many years old. Much of Nancy Crow's work could be called 'modern'. The same came about with Art Quilts a few years ago- they are all quilts, if they need to be categorised, all good and well, but in the end we are all quilters.

I make quilts in any style I want, I make what is pleasing to me -
 traditional, art or modern- or in between.
I do not want to be categorised as a particular type of quilter -
 except perhaps a fun quilter!

Stones in the Ocean, going to my niece for a wedding gift
String 21, made a s a birthday gift for my son, who wanted a scrap quilt.
Many more scrap quilts to come I think as I really enjoyed the process.
Tea for Two- this was made form an old tablecloth belonging to my mother in law
It was great fun to make and I am on the look out for some more tablecloths to rework.

 At the show I did some work on some Linus quilts for Queensland Quilters and mostly did some very funky free motion feathers on black fabric with fun bright thread.
 This was fun, I had many comments about the type of thread I use, any bright colour is good! I do not use regular sewing thread, but a good quality thread, and in a fun colour, orange always seems to sew better than white or cream in my opinion.

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  1. Wow, I'm really starting to like your style girl. We should be friends. I laughed so hard about categories of quilters. I'm grinning of course.