Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Multi skilled

The theme this week is multi skilled! I have been doing a number of little things, mostly trying to finish and get myself organised.
Dish cloths being the fad of the week- I have nearly finished my second one, its quite therapeutic to knit! 
My almost 21 year old son wants to knit himself a jumper, so its off to the wool shop this week.
These are cotton and fun.

 A few years ago, my friends and I made some birds to display at Warwick on  a tree. One of us works at a kindergarten and took the stray leftovers to work. the children love them, so in the tidying process a few days ago I found the fabric I had painted and also a great lot of wadding trimming I was loathe to throw out- which made excellent filling. These are a  few, maybe when I get my head in order I will make some more.

 This is Cactus silk- well maybe polyester... a sneak peek at a piece I am working on.
Lying low over the long weekend, I actually have it off as I am doing day work for 4 weeks. My lovely husband has a golf injury- so we are at home - oh- I might be quilting all weekend as he is in no fit state to paint as planned.

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