Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New quilting design inspiration

I bought 2 lovely old silver spoons recently, once polished they have some great designs, I did some preliminary drawings, not great drawings- but you get the idea, they can be tweaked , and added to. A little fun. Double lines and simple fills are easy, great for modern quilts and even traditional ones too!
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 You cant really see the designs on the spoons in the pictures, but they are there, and inviting me to do some more drawings. I even enjoyed - in a  strange way polishing the silver- the designs became more evident the more I polished.
 Some new fabrics, a project I am working on, just need to start cutting- today is the day. I wasn't convinced about the paler pink, but my daughter said- "that's perfect" so in it goes. Might have to get some more oft he teal- hmmm I bought it on holiday- might have to go back.....

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