Sunday, February 16, 2014

Post holiday doldrums

After a lovely holiday I have landed with a thud! a parasite infection/infestation has left me pathetic and sick. Lots of antibiotics and rest, no alcohol- so how can I not lose any weight? and no appetite too.

I was pulled out of my sick bed by my friend Kate this week, actually it  was just what I needed. I am finishing quilting a quilt for her, that is right up my alley, anything else and I would still be languishing in my bed.
Kate's quilt, sleepless nights and an early morning has spurred me on to tidying up my sewing room a little, and also to finish my own projects, several which have deadlines coming up soon.
I did do a little holiday purchase of fabric- below - a large print was required, and this is a beauty, a few coordinating fabrics accidentally found their way into the bag , but maybe I didn't buy enough! the red is perfect, not sure of the pale teal - in fact it is so wrong! will keep looking.

 A gift certificate from number one son saw me getting a lovely parcel of fabric from Sew Modern, a little different, but I am looking forward to playing with these. I chose from a vast range this is only the tip of the iceberg where modern fabric is concerned. Such a change after buying quilting or even cotton fabric in the early 80's! and even the 90's! I chose fabric that I would not normally buy- right out of my comfort zone.

Last post saw my daughter starting knitting a scarf, it is coming along really well, she is keen to knit a jumper. However the discounted wool was $ 7 per ball! we need 9 or 10, may as well buy one already knitted. Will keep an eye out for wool that she likes that will not be a passing fancy.

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