Thursday, September 1, 2011

Red Thread

Several topics today, a little tired from work, but now I have 5 days off, and my cleaning lady starts next week! even better...

How did I manage to buy 2 red reels? oh well just lucky I guess!
They arrived today with the added bonus of some needles for stitching, what quick service, and lovely colours. Some Brytes, and  and fun colours with funky names too Bling Bling, Blimey and Ole! with Mood thrown in for fun!

A little sustenance to get me through after a busy day at work, sometimes I wonder how others manage after a busy day - chips and wine here to help soothe the tension.

 Its amazing what some bobbin work can do to a lifeless area on a quilt,  DMC
Cotton Perle 8 has done the trick - in red of course!- up to the facing now, so on the downhill run. So happy to be finishing this piece after nearly a year. A small snapshot to whet the appetite.

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