Friday, June 10, 2011

Liberated and unhinged

Thats my back that has been liberated and unhinged! many years of nursing and heavy patients -we now have a no lift policy- but in an emergency - well..... and many pregnant women are very weighty.... and a lot of machine quilting -'wrestling alligators' I call it -  I have found the perfect physio -  he quietly whispered something nasty - 'dismal' - actually about my hip joints and back and then proceeded to inflict some pain - then relief..... its almost as if I have a feather on my back/hip, not a dragon breathing fire. A little crunching goes a long way

Hooray, now I have to do some quiet sewing and not aggravate it again soon.
This is  a blue and gold quilt that I made last year, it has been on our bed, but somehow miraculously got to the washing machine and ready to hang at the coorparoo show last weekend. Sorry its sideways, should have turned it before loading it.
What to make ? something for a new baby about to arrive or a 21st gift? or finish something old.....hmmmmm

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