Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where have I been

I have been to Sydney, a visit to the Quilt show, Mary Poppins and Jersey Boys! No time for any rest - busy busy busy, my daughter got a bit sick, those Sydney germs!
Lots of harbour cruising, some Adriano Zumbo delights, a little shopping.
The quilts were good, but I feel that both Tasmania and Queensland are both up to if not ahead of the standard viewed by myself this year in Sydney.  I had wondered if the NSW quilt guild restrict the  members to 2 quilts only?
Enough said, we had a great week, need to get the pictures from my camera on the computer, still doing laundry!
Here is me at Darling Harbour with one of the many sculptures - Isabel took heaps of photos!
I was very restrained and did not buy much fabric! just a little of Lisa Waltons hand dyed for the quitl I am about to start -nothing like a deadline to get me working.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Getting a fix

I have been a bit naughty, went to my quilting group to take back the last of the flood quilts I have machine quilted, and came home with 4 small ones! silly really, but there were so many and I quite enjoy it - but I had declared - no more.... - a good way to get a fix with out any piecing or thinking to do.
These quilts are small, in fact one is just a printed panel. I have done one already in an afternoon. Can't show a picture as the camera battery is in need of recharging.
The other way to get a really good fix without actually doing anyting is to smell really good coffee being brewed, I don't need to get jittery after drinking it - I can just smell and be happy, a simple pleasure really.
The next pleasure is a trip to Sydney - got tickets ot Mary Poppins and Jersey Boys! lucky me.
Another quick 'fix' is to make a soft baby book for a friend's new baby, not sure what sex but it doesn't matter, an easy mix of bright colour and shape, this is a pic from the last one I made, so simple and user friendly, didn't even have to buy any fabric! even better. Almost finished the new one, will post a pic when the battery is charged.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Liberated and unhinged

Thats my back that has been liberated and unhinged! many years of nursing and heavy patients -we now have a no lift policy- but in an emergency - well..... and many pregnant women are very weighty.... and a lot of machine quilting -'wrestling alligators' I call it -  I have found the perfect physio -  he quietly whispered something nasty - 'dismal' - actually about my hip joints and back and then proceeded to inflict some pain - then relief..... its almost as if I have a feather on my back/hip, not a dragon breathing fire. A little crunching goes a long way

Hooray, now I have to do some quiet sewing and not aggravate it again soon.
This is  a blue and gold quilt that I made last year, it has been on our bed, but somehow miraculously got to the washing machine and ready to hang at the coorparoo show last weekend. Sorry its sideways, should have turned it before loading it.
What to make ? something for a new baby about to arrive or a 21st gift? or finish something old.....hmmmmm

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brotherly love

After a week of not blogging there is lots to tell.
I have spent the weekend demonstrating piecing and quilting at the Cooparoo quilt show, a busy time, interrupted by the Fire Brigade when a light caught fire (on the ceiling) lucky it self extingiushed.... or we could have been in trouble.
This is me (with some of the strips for the quilt hanging behind) ironing with Michelles iron - the second one as the first kept blowing the power! and then this is a close up of the quilt that we made, I have just finished quilting it. A fun easy project, even if some people do not like the brown strips....
It amazed many people when I cut randomly with the rotary cutter, many thought that I was going to cut my fingers off! lots of practice, a firm steady hand and a little luck and all was well. The power of postivie thinking also helps a little!

Isabel needed to make a plaster mask for art at schol, so her very kind brother assisted by being the model, a lot of mess but a gret piece of art at the end, something to keep for years down the track! How nice to see them getting along well.

Textile Art Festival on this weekend, no quilts by me this year, but if I am lucky and get myself moving maybe next time.