Sunday, August 23, 2015

Finishing quilts and other things

I am madly binding quilts and adding hanging sleeves, its the annual Queensland Quilters show soon, entries are in and the pressure is on to get the pieces looking like award wining quilts very soon.
I have been a lot slack with blogging, Life got in the way a little, a trip to Melbourne, work and some big quilting happening.
binding this monster, who suggested a scallopped edge?

More scallopped edge
A little win at the recent EKKA- (queensland slang for Royal Exhibition)
the third prize wining quilt
While in Melbourne, I went to Rippon Lea to a Miss Fisher Murder Mystery costume exhibition, here is some fine lace, and me dressed in  Miss Fisher's finery, photo courtesy of the gentleman at the door!

Last years (oops 2013) France and Spain trip postcards, I am planning a large display in some great frames I recently bought, hope they fit!
I have had a lovely day with "my people" my quilting ladies- as Peter calls them. Sewing, eating, talking, more eating, ogling over their recent sewing endeavours- all so different.

here's to more sewing days with lovely friends!