Friday, June 17, 2011

Getting a fix

I have been a bit naughty, went to my quilting group to take back the last of the flood quilts I have machine quilted, and came home with 4 small ones! silly really, but there were so many and I quite enjoy it - but I had declared - no more.... - a good way to get a fix with out any piecing or thinking to do.
These quilts are small, in fact one is just a printed panel. I have done one already in an afternoon. Can't show a picture as the camera battery is in need of recharging.
The other way to get a really good fix without actually doing anyting is to smell really good coffee being brewed, I don't need to get jittery after drinking it - I can just smell and be happy, a simple pleasure really.
The next pleasure is a trip to Sydney - got tickets ot Mary Poppins and Jersey Boys! lucky me.
Another quick 'fix' is to make a soft baby book for a friend's new baby, not sure what sex but it doesn't matter, an easy mix of bright colour and shape, this is a pic from the last one I made, so simple and user friendly, didn't even have to buy any fabric! even better. Almost finished the new one, will post a pic when the battery is charged.

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  1. Soft baby books make a lovely gift Jane. Enjoy your trip to Sydney.