Saturday, June 30, 2012


This is for the Art Quilts Around the World group. I love green, even though I did a pink piece the last 2 times for the Sew Cal Gal  challenge, green and orange are my colours, and of course red!
Staring out with a simple 9 patch block, inspired by Rayna Gillman and Gwen Marston I did some deconstructing. This was pure fun, I did learn some things along the way- now I will read Raynas book!

hard to recognise the original block
using the ruler to guide straight lines
It is a finished piece- bound and ready for showing- early this time- 20 x 37cm- thats the size it ended up!.

 I will use this technique again, not entirely sure which way up it goes!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A little quilting

Holidays means not wearing a watch, no matter what time it is, its quilting time!

My work is so time strict, I really relish not knowing what time it is or how long I have been doing it for. family dinner seems to be late most days. oh well, they are old enough to cook for themselves anyway.
I am on a mission to complete some things for this years Quilt Show in October.
I have solved some of the problems associated with 2 of the quilts, and am really happy with the way they are turning out.
Not able to show the whole quilt, but here is a sneak peek! oops a little orange thread sneaking into the picture, leading to another fun design.
Having such fun with the lovely quilting threads that I appear to own, and am inspired by Cindy Needham and the other tutors on the Sew Cal Gal challlenge.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Stencilling at the gardens

At the Botanic gardens, Tricia had a table set up for visitors to do some stencilling,
I just had to do a symmetrical design!
 just 3 colours.

There was a great seat on our path , not quite sure what it was till we got up close - it was a musical instrument, you played it like a marimba/xylophone! Carmel and I put on a short concert, then went on our merry way.
Now to do some more serious quilting, after a short brain block and some "paralysis over analysis"  I am on track again to get something finshed that has been languishing for a bit.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hanging bundles

The artist in residence at the Brisbane Mt Coot tha Gardens is Tricia Smout. My group has made some paper/fabric bundles to hang - some at home and some at the gardens, today I went in search of the bundles, Tricia is having an exhibition so it was a good day to go. I came across my friend Carmel there too, so off we went armed with a map!
This is what we found! not to be deterred, Carmel is a sprightly 70 something... over we went... and found the bundles hanging.

bundles in the distance to the left of the seat
Just as we had got ourselves out of the roadworks- the workmen returned from their lunch! lucky escape

posing under the tree my bundle is next to my head!
 We plan to do something with these bundles when they are ' matured' maybe a book or piece of art to hang at Tricias final exhibition in November.
The bundle in my own garden seems to be disintegrating more than the Botanic Gardens one, maybe mine is more in the open. Keep posted for news of the next project with bundles.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

With help from Cindy Needham and Jackson Browne

Now I am on holidays for 2 very short weeks, I have done the June SewCal Gal challenge. Inspired by Joan's cream concoction, I searched the 'odd fabric drawer' and found a piece of silk - a nice golden colour. A random curvy line and some lovely pink thread and I was off.
The batting is 2 layers, one wool and the other Mountain Mist polyester. I have noted many quilters using 2 layers, of course here in Queensland we do not need heavy quilts, but for a small art picece 2 layers is just fine. It is 43 cm x 34 cm - as that was the size of the fabric I found.
Such fun, of course Jackson Browne did his bit belting out classic songs in the background.
starting out
Several brands of thread, added to by Judy at the local shop with some Superior metallic- thanks Judy for the use of your thread.
Some adjustment still needed in the centre to balance the light and dark. I really enjoyed this piece, and will finish it to make a small quilt then who knows. Maybe some beads might balance it?
half done

a little more

 I am not entirely convinced about the very centre design, might need some tweaking...

ready to face

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Work life balance

Trying to get it right this week has been a struggle.
4 late shifts finishing at 11pm- or later, and I am a bit tired.
Really inspired by the June SewCal Gal challenge, wanting to do some machine quilting desperately, and having no energy or time.
I did stitch some postcards which need to be stitched around this afternoon -to send to a friend, have had a few lovely sleep ins, and bought a sexy new red dress today to wear to  party! All that going to the gym is paying off.

pre hanging

My bundle which is part of Tricia Smouts Artist in Residence at the Botanic Gardens is coming along nicely. Some mould and lots of colour run, obviously the bean vine is a good place to be. Sorry the pics are sideways.
hanging for about 6 weeks