Thursday, May 14, 2015

115 years old and still marvellous! and some excitement!

This is my granny"s sewing machine, a Singer Treadle, released in 1900. I have been inspired by a friend, bought a new belt, had my lovely husband install it, and a little oil later we are running nicely. Granny used to sew all her clothes on it till she was in her 80's.

I am doing some textural machine quilting using Aurifil polyester thread, the tension is almost perfect.
However I do understand why Granny's legs were so strong and muscly!

Its almost like a gym session to get it working well!

                                                           Plain fabric and texture

 The serial number means that this machine was released in 1900. It has been well loved and used. I even remembered how to wind the shuttle bobbin and put it back in!
I have had a quilt accepted into the Wolloongong Modern Quilt Show to be held in Kiama at the end of May. This is exciting as I plan to go and see this exhibition! I did get one rejection, but that's not so bad after all, one quilt in is marvellous!