Thursday, January 19, 2012

Almost finished

This is the school raffle quilt I am madly trying to get finished, I want to get to valued and the next valuation day is soon! So here I am with the aircon on and a cup of coffee- instant- quilting.
Am actually quilte pleased, even though I did have to undo the centre once as it didn't agree with me.

 I was a bit worried about the dark blue thread on the gold fabric, but it is OK. the cream circles look good, need to do another row of them next. It is very functional and not too hard quilting, just want to get it done.
my assistant
Its hard to quilt when the cat and all his weight is stopping the quilt from moving on the table.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Culprit

I have been feeling of colour these past few days, it turns out the new coffee machine my husband has, is the culprit. I usually have one latte every 2-3 weeks, now one every day, Oh and he has been putting a double shot in- no wonder I feel as if I am about to have a heart attack!
This is a small part of a "healing hearts" quilt for my friend Jan's son, Edward who is unwell. Many SQuilters have made the blocks and I am machine quilting the quilt. The elephant block is mine, I have triednot to identify the other makers in this picture. The qulting design is a variation on the 2012 Free Motion Quilting challenge -January design- in the side bar on this blog. I found it to be a bit heart like, and with some swirls fits quite nicely round the hearts. Edward is an Arsenal supporter, so there are some 'gunners' in there too (one just peeking out of the right hand corner). Hope to have it finished in about 1 hour then it goes back home.
It is heartwarming to read the messsages on this quilt, some made by Tasmanian friends, others from across the globe.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inner strength

I have been busy at work, today is the last of 8 days in a row, I have done 7 hours overtime as well, it has been extremely busy time. I have found that I have located a little inner strength on a few of these days. Food becomes not required, I can run for hours on end just on adrenaline.
Not quite sure what happened 9 months ago..
I do sleep well after these days, so my quilting is a little behind.
The son of my friend Jan has leukaemia and her friends are making a quilt of 'healing heart blocks', I have offered to machine quilt this quilt, it is finished and I hope to get it next week to start and of course get it finished for him.
The the school raffle quilt needs to be quilted so it is finished before the valuation day- soon.
So off to find some more inner strength - at home this time, thank heavens for the  cleaning lady, and of course school goes back soon.
Pictures happening soon when I find something worth it!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

machine quilting

An interesting link to follow, just trying to work out how to share the page in a better way, I am a bit dopey when it comes to computer things, a shame really that they aren't written in english so I can understand. But I can master my sewing machine so maybe thats where I should be!

New year

A busy week after Christmas, a flying trip to Melbourne then  Hobart. This is a close up of one of the outside pieces at MONA, a great place to visit, maybe next time on a quieter day as there was a long line that took about 45 mins to get us in the door. So many things to see. It is a day trip really, need to go and indulge in lunch halfway through next time.
This is a wheel of a 'cement mixer', there are several pieces by the same artist inside the gallery as well.

Time to get on and try to get my piece finished for SoTA. Work is getting in the way a little, but I am hopeful now I have had a few good nights sleep that I can get motivated enough to get it done. I have had some good thoughts on finishing lately in my travels- so off to the sewing machine I go!
Of course- time to rest my liver as well should give me more time and clear headed space to work......

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Enjoying the view over the Derwent river, some yummy champagne - oops- empty bottle. Lovely friends , weather- sensible - its good to be home. An interesting fact- my dads given name was Derwent. I am right at home here.