Sunday, April 17, 2016

Quilting class picture

I am teaching an Options class at the end of next month with Queensland Quilters.
This is a 23" quilt, the idea is to explore options for fillers and design possibilities beyond an all over quilting design, or stitch in the ditch.
There is a smaller version- 18" just the inner block with smaller borders, or you may choose an 'orphan' block of your own and add some borders.
Making your quilt 'your own' and exploring ways to individualise your work is part of the brief for this class. There will be lots of drawing and some stitching of motifs and outlines to be filled with fun filler designs.
See Queensland Quilters workshops if you are interested, there are still a few spaces open.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Selfie project

I am participating in a Tas uni course- Photography and Social Media.
This is taking me out of my comfort zone, However I am having fun playing with some of the apps available for image reworking.

Queensland Quilters had the opening of the 2016 State of The ART juried exhibition yesterday.
Lucky enough to be juried in again, its a nice feeling.
Here are some pictures I took of me with my quilt, some edited and cropped as part of my course work.
 A good grey scale picture

The quilt titled' Ladders"

A post night shift " I'll just shut my eyes for a minute!"
Colour saturated

Thursday, April 7, 2016

My life is busy, planning projects, working on them, starting new ones! doing a social media photography course- which is a steep learning curve.
So many things to do, now another challenge..... here it is, well up to day 6, I am bout to start day 7 project piece.

Broadstrokes April challenge- facilitated by Kathryn

What to do? A big dilemma

OPTIONS- drawing/ sewing/ something else….stitching is my thing.

I have lots of scraps and some large projects underway
The scraps are the answer to the problem, pieces smaller than my hand.

I found a brown piece of ugly fabric and cut it into equal squares of about 5 ¼ inches
The other pile of scraps was used for stitching on top of the base of ugly brown

 day 1.   basic wonky log cabin- the centre is not right, hmmm, maybe this is not what I am meant to be doing

day 2.   strips including selvedge (what else do you do with selvedge, especially ones with fun colours and text?) making progress and thinking about what I really want to do

day 3.   now this is good! Strips, with ragged torn edges, a little architectural in style

day 4.   regal purple background with 2 yellow strips. Experimenting with simple and straight and colour combinations, straight stitching

day 5.   yellow background, some slightly curved blue batiks. Simple. Striking.

day 6.   pale green background, a repurposed fabric, red strips from binding of Relay for Life quilt, on an angle crossed in one corner. I am enjoying the creativity of this project. Simplicity. Colour. Using scraps almost at random.
Mostly trying to use 2 colours only now. One background and one feature colour. Also have started the Tas uni course- photography for social media- so have started to put a picture a day on Instagram. Playing with apps and thinking about photo distortion and repetition etc
Look out for more to come as I work my way through the month and be inspired by small pieces!