Friday, October 19, 2018

Back after along break

Life has certainly been busy.

 An understatement!
Recently an old friend said to me "So you are still keeping busy then?"

This year has passed me by in a flash, I did an interesting job at my work for the first few months-learning, then co teaching  the new Digital Hospital program at my hospital. 
Then I got a new full time day job, after 38 years of shift work, day work it is for me for a while.

My quilting has been happening in the background, luckily my wonderful husband loves to cook.
A few weeks ago I  had a wonderful experience judging the Tasmaian Quilt Guild annual exhibition, I was one of the TQG early members, and it was lovely to be back in my home state again, amongst friends. One of the other judges I have known since I was 17, the other is now a friend!

I had some success at the recent Queensland Quilters Exhibition- two second prizes and a judges commendation (one of those special coveted prizes!).

This is Mood Ring- Because I can!
A fun quilt to make- because I wanted to....its about 2 m square, big.

                                                                 Modern Flower- improv at its best!

Floral Medallion- started about 25 years ago, inspired to get on with it in a class with Gwen Marston , and finished at last this year.

I have been sticking to and completing the Monthly Art Project, my plan for next year is to attempt it weekly again, just need to be more organised when working full time.

Tidying my sewing room is my main objective for the next few months.